Sunday, July 1, 2007

Our First Family Outing

Corban in an appropriate onesie given to us by the Hurleys.

At the park - wow - fresh air ... it's been a while!

Chubby Mommy with her two boys!

Corban sacked out!

Time To Head Home

Corban in his beautiful top given to him by Aunt Vivi & Uncle Shane. Unfortunately he's saying "get me out of here!"

Corban is dwarfed by his car seat! Much calmer now that he's out of the hospital.

Look at those skinny little legs - so cute!

I think this is working out just nicely! My three boys!

Catcher & Corban - Fast Friends & Best Brothers

Feet look good

Tummy is fine

Cheeks are a little red & puffy - but acceptable

Alright - I think I'll keep him! Cheese!

Some of Corban's Visitors

Sir & Mamie Green with Corban

Papa Lewis & Corban

Ma Lewis, Corban & Catcher

Amy & Mark came to visit Corban and brought lots of yummies for Mom & Dad!!!