Sunday, October 5, 2008

December 2007

For Christmas we were so blessed to have a new addition to our family and good friends around us to celebrate! Shane, Vivi & Gabi came down from D.C. and Ma & Papa came up from Jacksonville.

November 2007

The boys & I in Dahlonega seeing the changing leaves. Catcher taking pictures of his cousins.

Fall 2007 - Atlanta

Back at home we enjoyed the nice weather, leaves changing and the beautiful reflection on the pond!

October 2007 - Disney & D.C.

Though Corban was only 4 months we decided to take a trip to Orlando for a few days and then Corban & Mommy were flying to D.C. for counsin Gabriela's baptism. We had a blast!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sept. 2007 - Time to Catch Up - Corban 12 wks

Well - it's been a loooooong time since I've updated this blog so I'm going to attempt to catch up. Sept. 2007 Catcher turned 3 & we went with family to the Botannical Gardens. It was a lot of fun!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Other Babies!!

Erin's brother Shane & Vivi had Miss Gabriela Lane Green in early July! She's so beautiful!!

Mike & Christina had Mr. Edwin "Harrison" Spencer born in May ... so handsome!

8 weeks

Corban went to the doctor today (he's 9 weeks) & had a great check-up! He's now 14.8 lbs. (90th %) & 24 1/4 inches (95th %)! Chubby wub! Corban is such a happy, easy going baby! Very different experience from Catcher. He's also started nursing fabulously & I'm very thankful!
Cooing chubby baby!

Mirror, mirror on the activity map ...

My two gators - it is the year of the Gators - go Gators!