Monday, August 27, 2007

Other Babies!!

Erin's brother Shane & Vivi had Miss Gabriela Lane Green in early July! She's so beautiful!!

Mike & Christina had Mr. Edwin "Harrison" Spencer born in May ... so handsome!

8 weeks

Corban went to the doctor today (he's 9 weeks) & had a great check-up! He's now 14.8 lbs. (90th %) & 24 1/4 inches (95th %)! Chubby wub! Corban is such a happy, easy going baby! Very different experience from Catcher. He's also started nursing fabulously & I'm very thankful!
Cooing chubby baby!

Mirror, mirror on the activity map ...

My two gators - it is the year of the Gators - go Gators!

Mommy's Birthday - Aug. 22 - Breakfast, Aquarium & Fantastic Dinner

Yummy Belgian waffles!
The Big Tank!

Closer ...
and closer!

Scuba diver & sting ray.

Sea horse - I think.


Cutie pie!

Fishy kiss.


Catcher & Daddy after Daddy showed him how to do a "cannonball!!!!" Catcher LOVES the big waves & spash!

Heading back home ~ exhausted!

Video of Catcher coming out of the pool - he always gets quiet when I start recording.

Sweet Gifts

I'll be updating this some more soon ~ but here are a few things we've taken pictures of for those who aren't nearby.
Cool gift from TR's friends Julian (Happy Birthday - you're the day after Erin) & Juliette in NYC. So cool - onesie & bibs for Corban and ABC book for Catcher.

Turtles to Mrs. Howard in TN.

Chucky Cheese & Gigi

Catcher & Builder Bob!
Mommy & Corban
Gigi w/ the boys!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Corban 4 Weeks

Corban enjoying being swaddled while laying on his bouncy chair in the afternoon sun and sucking on a paci.

Corban at 4 weeks - so sweet!

Catcher & Corban go with mommy downtown to visit Amy for lunch! Catcher thoroughly enjoyed wearing her keys around his neck while Corban slept through it all. The boys were also showered with more wonderful Carter's clothes courtesy of their favorite Miss Amy!!!

Corban sleeping away - thank goodness - 1 meal with some peace & quite.

Catcher laying with Corban on his activity mat. Catcher's much more interesting than that dumb lamb.